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    Through this deal Malta agreed to import all the gas needed to supply its power stations for the next 10 years. A whistleblower leaked a cache ofleaked files from the Electrogas consortium to murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

    This data is now being analysed and investigated by The Daphne Project. Socar buys liquefied natural gas LNG at lower marker prices from energy giants Shell and three energy experts who spoke to the Guardian said if Malta had dealt directly with Shell, it could have struck a better deal and saved millions.

    Inthanks to a fall in oil and gas prices, Enemalta paid nearly twice the market rate for LNG, one of the experts said. InElectrogas signed contracts to buy all the gas Malta needed from Socar but the Azerbaijani company is not supplying the gas from its own reserves. Tourism minister Konrad Mizzi, piloted the project when he held the energy portfolio and as revealed by The Shift News last week, he personally signed the agreement for the supply of liquified natural gas LNG to the Electrogas power station for 18 years.

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    The FIAU also found that this agreement appeared to have been tampered with because of a number of anomalies, such as the lack of page numbers on the agreement and text that appeared to have been scanned and converted from a pdf version of the original agreement. Search Search for: Search. Follow us facebook twitter. You are here: Home News Malta paying twice the market price for gas while Azerbaijan reaps in the profits.The Alberta Group has also been responsible for the design and installation of integrated systems for prestigious companies operating within the fuel oil and gasoline industry.

    Various terminals have been provided with systems linked to a monitoring centre, to enable reliable management across extensive territories. One of the main projects was the EPC of fire systems required for the accommodation area of an oil company in the Sahara desert in Libya. This consisted of accommodation trailers, 46 mansions, kitchens, recreation centres, administrative buildings, entertainment areas, fire stations, stores, embassies and Mosques, amongst other buildings.

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    By clicking on the button below, you accept the use of cookies by this website. You can change your cookie settings at any time by changing your browser settings or contacting your ISP. After a lot of speculation as to who would be the technical guru to launch the oil and gas exploration company, the Prime Minister this week handpicked Marisa Micallef to carry out this onerous task. She was previously appointed chairperson of the debt-ridden national airline where she held the post for three years during which talks to amalgamate with Alitalia failed.

    The Office of the Prime Minister OPM issued a statement saying: "Her skills will now be used to make a turnaround in this area, particularly in the field of oil exploration. This announcement got a mixed reaction from the press - some critical and others voicing surprise that a person whose previous experience was running a local drinks bottler might not possess the technical skills for such a rigorous job fit for a tough Houston oil trader.

    In my opinion, the most respectful comment in the media was that of Frank Atkinson who wrote that she has a great challenge ahead of her. Mr Atkinson added that for nearly 30 years incompetence and inertia had run the Maltese oil exploration sector. The results are clear to all: Malta has the worse oil exploration record in the Mediterranean with only 13 wells drilled in the past 60 years compared to the wells in Italy, in Israel, and so on.

    Ms Micallef's immediate challenge will be to seek international investors who will seriously start multiple well explorations in the untapped Continental shelf for hydrocarbons emulating the success of Cyprus, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algiers.

    Two years ago, the OPM was asked to confirm a declaration by Italian Ambassador Giovanni de Vito that there is a "gentleman's agreement" between the two countries under which no licences will be issued in the 18, square kilometre zone until a formal agreement on possible joint exploration is reached.

    In a reply to questions, the spokesman did not refer to the moratorium but said: "As stated by the Italian Ambassador, there is no formal agreement on oil exploration between Malta and Italy and negotiations are ongoing.

    The minister previously responsible for oil exploration, Joe Mizzi, had also assured the press that discussions with Italy on possible joint exploration in the disputed area were ongoing. He stated that "no licences have been granted by Italy on Malta's continental shelf as far as the government of Malta is aware". Some may say this is a pipe dream but realists assert that provided sufficient capital is invested in exploration, this would enable us to export our own hydrocarbons to Europe in the near future.

    The penny has dropped that we have no current exploration activity planned for the foreseeable future. Our own National Oil Company needs the best technical brains to engage with the oil majors for a renewed initiative to risk exploration in a multiple well search. History has taught the lesson that palliatives are a waste of time. As can be expected, Malta has used heavy fuel oil and gas oil for power generation as it has no indigenous fossil fuel sources, so electricity generation is wholly dependent on imported fuels.

    Furthermore, there is ever-increasing demand for energy since Independence and running the ageing Marsa and later the Delimara power station both with a dismal low efficiency rate of production except for the BWSC plant had pushed the PN administration to charge high utility rates.

    A change in government in saw new alternatives put in motion. Adding gas to its fuel mix, Enemalta aims to meet future demand while satisfying environmental goals at lower costs. It is a smart move to combine an electricity interconnector link with Italy and concurrently build a new gas-fired power plant. Back to the subject of laying a gas pipeline, talks to apply for funding started in late and it is anticipated that when this is commissioned it will connect the Delimara power station to Gela in Sicily.

    A degasification plant is necessary in Delimara as this facilitates the unloading of LNG tankers and will improve future prospects for cross border trading and will possibly need further storage in the Has Saptan underground terminal.

    Central Europe will always be dependent on external sources so in the light of this, importation of gas depends heavily on Gazprom - the Russian state monopoly. Countries in the Levant such as Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, are in discussion on how best to monetize their gas deposits and evaluate different options how to service future customers.

    It is regrettable that Malta has been late to grasp the nettle. This is a smart move as this pipeline will provide alternative routes for the Sicilian onshore section, routes for an offshore pipeline section and finally Maltese onshore pipeline routes.

    Environmentalists may complain that laying this gas pipeline will endanger the Mediterranean seabed morphology, encounter engineering limitations, maritime boundaries and upset seafaring activities. However, last year, the government announced the issue of a tender to commence a feasibility study for laying a gas pipe which, when and if completed, will link us to the European gas market.


    The engineering firm that wins this contract will be required to identify the best route through a detailed study including conceptual design of the pipeline and land-based infrastructure; identify the connection points, onshore routes and sites for the terminal stations in both Gela and Delimara.If you continue using this website, we understand that you consent to our privacy policy as updated.

    By clicking on the button below, you accept the use of cookies by this website. You can change your cookie settings at any time by changing your browser settings or contacting your ISP. Its area is more than three times the size of Sicily and includes hydrocarbon and other mineral resources worth several billion euro. But the past three decades have defied all expectations.

    Malta remains a lacuna on the oil exploration map of the Mediterranean and the density of Italian offshore wells per square kilometre is 20 times greater than that of Malta. Well drilling activity was started in the s by Prime Minister Mintoff. But after just one and a half decades, the Maltese oil exploration programme was overcome by inertia.

    The statistics of wells under Maltese licence are dismal and sometimes bizarre. Only 12 deep wells were drilled by foreign oil companies over the past 60 years, although the Madonna taz-Zejt well drilled in in Kercem, Gozo, is distinct because it was paid from public funds.

    Over the same period of time, Italy drilled more than wells, although none of these reached the extraordinary depth of eight kilometres of the Kercem well, because it is impossible to find oil at that depth. With such poor statistics in oil exploration, it is not surprising that Malta remains the only EU country dependent entirely on imported carbon fuels oil and gas for its energy needs.

    Oil exploration is a very risky business that has to contend with high drilling costs, potential accidents and incomplete knowledge of sub-surface geology.


    The latter problem is heightened by the lack of geological research on the Maltese continental shelf which makes Malta a high risk oil exploration area to foreign oil companies.

    Malta is unique in Europe in not having a national geological service that can promote national interest on matters associated with natural resources. Secrecy deters geological research which increases risk that compels oil companies to invest elsewhere, especially in neighbouring countries. Inthe International Court of Justice ICJ established about km of internationally recognised maritime boundary with Libya, but the remaining boundary is disputed by Italy, Tunisia and Libya see map.

    Malta holds the unenviable records of having the longest disputed maritime boundary in the Mediterranean and over half of its continental shelf claimed by other countries.

    malta oil and gas

    Tunisian encroachment resulted in two wells drilled on Maltese continental shelf. This pretext is contradicted by the successful oil and gas exploration programmes of Cyprus and Israel, two small Mediterranean countries that, like Malta, had to contend with boundary disputes, but also hostile larger neighbours and invasions.

    Israel drilled over oil and gas wells in the past 60 years, but it was the determination of Israeli geologist Yossi Langotsky that culminated in the discovery of three giant offshore gas fields a few years ago.

    Meanwhile, Cyprus promotes its hydrocarbon potential through the Cyprus Geological Survey and has attracted a long list of oil companies bidding for licences. Joint exploration of disputed areas is the solution proposed by the Maltese government, although astutely rebuffed by neighbouring governments. Malta has not exhausted all the legal and practical channels available to secure sovereignty over its continental shelf.

    Such lethargy fuels allegations on the political class and their inability to promote the national interest. A potential Eocene oil reservoir is being targeted. The area to be drilled had its first detailed 3D seismic survey in The subsea geology is the fundamental factor that determines success. The absence of an oil well in Area 4 that can confirm the hypothetical stratigraphy proposed by oil companies is a setback that increases risks.

    Even more remarkable is that Hagar Qim well will be drilled in the middle of a structural low called the Melita Graben. The nearest Libyan offshore well named East Hanea drilled in south of the border is located just outside the Melita Graben, as would be expected in the quest for oil trapped in structural highs. It may also be relevant to the development of the undrilled large Libyan offshore concession to BP further south.

    But there is more than meets the eye in the Melita Graben. There are two features seen in seismic that can be confirmed with some confidence: firstly, there are mound-like sedimentary accumulations within the graben.

    MOG believe that these mounds are Lower Eocene and similar to nummulite-rich sediments in Tunisia where they make effective oil reservoirs. However, the sediments and nature of these mounds remains debatable. Secondly, these mounds have their top sediments partly eroded. Nevertheless, MOG prefers to consider the rock that seals the presumed oil in the reservoir rock as being the Souar Formation, a shale rock.

    This is another speculative line of reasoning based on what is found in Tunisia, which may not necessarily apply to Malta.Role of the Treasury. Organizational Chart. Orders and Directives. Domestic Finance.

    International Affairs. Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. Inspectors General. Strategic Plan. Agency Financial Report.

    malta oil and gas

    Inspector General Audits and Investigative Reports. Prior Treasurers. The Treasury Building. Freedman's Bank Building.

    Oil and Gas Exploration Opportunities in Offshore Malta

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    malta oil and gas

    Read More about the secretary. Regulatory Reform. Revenue Proposals. Tax Expenditures.Our Services. Investor Information. Yesterday, Medserv majority shareholders, Anthony Diacono a A future-proof strategy The oil and gas industry has gone through a significant tra Medserv Operations Limited, welcomes Hon.

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    The Medserv Board of Directors has approved the audited consolidated financial statements. Medserv Malta supporting operations offshore Libya. Medserv Operations are currently supporting Saipem in their offshore Libya operations. We would like to express our appreciation for the job that was performed.

    We appreciate Medserv efforts to accomplish the work within the very tight timeframe a Share price following bonus issue announced on Oct Note Price - MS23A. Last updated on 08 April Note Price - MS26A. Note Price - MS26B. Experience, Reliability, Committed Partner.

    Medserv provides integrated shore base logistics to the offshore oil and gas industry and engineering and supply chain management for Oil Country Tubular Goods OCTG to support the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry.

    Medserv supports National and International oil companies in their offshore exploration, development and production activities. Medserv operates to internationally recognised and certified standards and practices for ethical compliance, quality, health, safety, security and environmental management.

    These standards are applied to all our locations globally to ensure consistency of service delivery excellence. Medserv is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange and has been providing a range of essential services to the oil and gas industry for over forty years.Energy in Malta describes energy production, consumption and import in Malta. Malta has no domestic resource of fossil fuels and no gas distribution network, and relies overwhelmingly on imports of fossil fuels and electricity to cover its energy needs.

    Sincethe Malta—Sicily interconnector allows Malta to be connected to the European power grid and import a significant share of its electricity. The specific needs of Malta as an island state with regards to energy policy are recognised in EU law. The energy intensity of Malta was Final energy consumption was ktoe in Transport accounted for the largest share of this final energy consumption, at ktoe, followed by services at ktoe, households at 94 ktoe and industry at 57 ktoe.

    Malta has a high proportion of petrol to diesel cars and a limited number of alternative fuel vehicles. As ofmost of the electricity generated in Malta was from natural gas, with oil as a backup. Oil has been the primary fuel for electricity generation for many decades beforealthough Malta also possessed coal generation capacity from until Malta has four electricity plants operational and the total combined nominal installed capacity is Malta has some of the lowest household electricity prices in the EU.

    Inthe average household electricity price was 0. As ofrenewables represented 4. While the potential for solar and wind energy is substantial according to the EU [8]concerns over the loss of limited countryside land as well as potential visual pollution of both onshore and offshore projects present a significant challenge.

    As renewable energy projects can affect the appearance of coastlines, rural landscapes and Malta's historic towns and villages, they have also come into conflict with the country's important tourism sector.

    According to the EU fact sheet in January the potential of wind energy in Malta is substantial. Excess electricity fed into the grid was purchased at EUR 0. Large-scale offshore wind projects have been considered in Malta, yet have so far not been realised. Unofficial consultations were held beforeyet were said to have ended following a change of government in that year. Power generation from photovoltaic PV solar cells is increasing in Malta, with total kWp kilowatt peak capacity growing by Grants for rooftop solar water heaters, [15] which are popular in Malta, as well as solar feed-in tariffs are also available.

    In Octoberthe Maltese Planning Authority approved the 'Solar Farm Policy', aimed at providing appropriate criteria for potential future utility-scale solar farm developments with minimal negative impacts on the landscape, particularly targeting disused quarries, car parks, industrial areas and large rooftops. A pilot project led by MCAST was conducted to investigate the potential of floating off-shore solar farms to provide energy for Malta.

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