• Aokana best route

    Aokana best route

    With those handhelds long gone, the Switch has been picking up the slack. It was first released in English by NekoNyan Ltd.

    Sure, Aokana — Four Rhythms Across the Blue does follow the lives of high school students, but the big differentiator is this is much more of a sports-focused tale with romance built in. The game takes place in a near future Japan where a remarkable discovery enabled the ability for humans to defy gravity. As people became comfortable with Grav Shoes, they created a sport that only works when played in the sky called Flying Circus. The fast-paced sport requires players to either race quickly from one position to another or tag the back of their opponent to score.

    The protagonist, Masaya, is an everyday guy with a big secret. He used to be considered a Flying Circus prodigy. Nobody knew why and even readers of this game will be curious about what happened. This is due to Masaya meeting the new girl in town, Askua. After their fateful meeting, they end up in a duel against a skilled Flying Circus player. This then sets the stage for Asuka and others begging Masaya to join their Flying Circus club at school.

    Masaya relents to becoming a non-playing coach and thus begins an exciting journey for the club members throughout the course of the game.

    aokana best route

    This takes the form of four different routes, one for each of the Flying Circus players Masya interacts with. Overall, it will take anywhere from fifteen to fifty hours to beat or complete the game. This vast difference in hours is due to player reading speed. Although this visual novel does not feature animated cutscenes or anything, it manages to convey a great sense of motion and excitement for the matches of Flying Circus. This is done by making the game feel a lot more like an anime series.

    The game is split up in a series of episodes. Each episode starts with an opening video and song and the end of each episode includes a preview of the next one. During matches, the artwork becomes much more dynamic and like a fight scene in an anime. This both provides context to the text of battles and makes them much more engaging. Fortunately, it looks darn professional.

    The music also keeps up the mood. There are some awesome tracks that are sure to get stuck in your head long after putting the game down. The Flying Circus tracks in particular are perfect for hyping up the reader. The voice acting is also effectively done. Everyone aside from the protagonist is voiced as is so common for male leads and their voices match their personalities.

    This is nothing new, as pretty much every visual novel released on consoles is an all-ages version. Despite the highs the game reaches, it also does occasionally bog itself down with fan service segments that feel awkward when played on the all-ages Switch version.


    Closing Comments:. Aokana — Four Rhythms Across the Blue is the type of game you can recommend to someone who is interested in dipping their toe into the world of visual novels. It smashes through the stereotype that the genre is all about sexual content or sappy romance. The way it takes aspects from anime also helps to make the game seem familiar.

    Existing visual novel lovers who passed on the game before should pick it up as well. While this might be a longer game, the hours fly by as you get drawn into the exciting world of Aokana — Four Rhythms Across the Blue. Review: Roccat Elo Headsets. Review: Ikenfell. Review: I Am Dead.So yeah, I might write my impressions on VNs I read in here. The plot is basically that science discovered a way to make small objects, like people, fly using anti-gravity, leading to the development of the Anti-Graviton Shoes or GravShoes, among other things.

    The protagonist, Hinata Masaya was an FC genius with a bright future ahead of him until a traumatizing event he suffered as a kid that made him bitter and stop playing. So I thought Aokana was actually a pretty great ride, the story still has the usual highschool setting, with the protagonist joining a club to do club things, but it does have the whole FC aspect to change it up a bit.

    Flying Circus, being the focus of the story, is introduced very early of course, and from the moment I saw the first match I could tell it was gonna be something very fun to watch, and as the story progressed the matches kept getting better. A magical sport. Seconds are people who give the players instructions by watching the game unfold from afar. There are three classes of Sky Walkers, which are classified depending on what playing style the Sky Walker has, along with the kind of GravShoes they use.

    And the All-Rounders who can do a bit of both. This on top of some complicated movements and strategies players use made the sport feel pretty thought-out and interesting. This was probably the part where the VN shined the most. And the SD art on certain scenes was pretty fun too. But the music that gets played during FC matches was just so good, it really gets you into the mood of the match and makes it just so much more exciting.

    Though everyone gets plenty of screentime so there was enough of every character for me to get attached to most of them. What I mean is, Aokana has a really fun cast of characters who were all very enjoyable to read and see their interactions with each other.

    I actually expected Shindou to be some kind of asshole before getting to his introduction, and I was surprised to see he was actually one of the coolest guys in the VN. He also had plenty of screentime and some of the coolest matches in the VN so he really left an impression on me.

    A rich ojou-sama type girl who helps Shindou in instructing the club, as well as participating as a Sky Walker. A very fun character. Makes me wish she had a route. She acts as a guide for Masaya and the girls when they face their challenges, and she gives them all the support they need to overcome them. The Common route of the game was actually kinda long and while it was fun, I felt it kinda dragged on for a while sometimes, though it did do a great job at introducing each of the characters and giving them some time before the story moved on to the point where the routes branched out.

    It was pretty exciting when I first got to this part, and even after having finished the VN, a few of the matches from this Tournament still hold up, though the ones in the main routes obviously get much more intense.

    And then the point where the routes branch off comes right after the Summer Tournament, as every girl gets ready to start their training for the Fall Tournament. To be honest, I thought her route was the weakest of the four. The whole route is about making her loosen up as a player and make her have fun instead of doing everything seriously.

    Basically, her route was just pretty ok. Of course, the only reason she joins in the first place is because Misaki joined. Now Asuka. Oh man, Asuka. The main girl from the game and by far the strongest Sky Walker in the club.Sony reconfirms that the vast majority of PS4 games will work on PS5.

    Sony rolls out change to PlayStation trophies. Today is a day for celebration as the hit visual novel Aokana — Four Rhythms Across The Blue comes to the Switch, originally released in This marks a first for the title to appear on console systems outside of Japan in the West. Aokana has been available on PC through Steam since September This will be the first time Western fans of the visual novel genre will receive a physical edition of this well-regarded title.

    This comes in the form of a package with the case and cartridge, and a fully coloured artbook purchasable on our Funstock site here. The Switch is a full all-ages release, meaning the only way to play its explicit sexual events and CGs is through the download of a patch for Steam application.

    What makes Aokana as remarkable as it is is due to its polish in presentation and slick production. This is especially important for a sports visual novel, where plenty of its enjoyment and emotions felt are during the intense competitions.

    Both the music and art are impressive, with the sprite work being expressive at every given opportunity, sound effects and art really popping and exploding on the screen be it handheld or docked! And thanks to the localisation efforts, the translation is flawless and makes the English release of the title all the more polished, causing Aokana to stand out even more as a must have for any visual novel fan. The discovery of anti-gravitation has paved the way for the development of the Anti-Graviton Shoes around the inhabited islands in Japan known as the Four Islands Archipelago.

    You are Masaya Hinata, a once well regarded prodigy who no longer feels passionate about the sport due to a certain defeat.

    Lead the team through either defeat or glory as they compete with the top student athletes in Japan, with a past yet to be revealed and a future for you to shape. She is actually my favourite heroine based on personality and looks Hot take number 1!

    These appealing attributes of what makes her Rika is the main focus of her route, as Masaya teaches Rika to be less serious and more playful with her FC playstyle to become a better player. As an honour student, Rika appears as serious as possible and works hard, but learns to be true to who she is during her time with Masaya.

    Call out to her 2. Because I want you to know how to fly 3.Hello everyone, today I am back with another visual novel recommendation blog. There is also an anime for this Visual Novel. To get a better understanding for this blog, you are recommended to watch the anime first. Since this is a recommendation blog, I will minimise the amount of spoilers. Without further ado let's get into it. The protagonist once had a bright future ahead of him in that field of sports but due to an overwhelming defeat in addition to a certain other reason, he has left that field.

    However, he meets the transfer student Kurashina Asuka and regains his passion as he teaches her how to fly. With his situation changed, he participates once again in the Flying Circus. Just how high will he be able to fly this time with Asuka at his side? This is a love story about the two who met while soaring in the skies, and the friends surrounding them.

    Instead of competing in normal sports, in AoKana they compete in a sport where you fly in the sky and it is called the Flying Circus. They equip something called the Grav-Shoes which is basically an anti-gravity shoe and this enables them to fly. This Visual Novel is pretty much like a puzzle, every route you complete will give you clues of what happened to the protagonist in the past.

    Completing every route will solve the mystery behind the protagonist's past. The field of the sport is above the sea with 4 buoys forming a square. Each buoys has a number 1 to 4. There are 2 ways to score points in Flying Circus.

    First way to score points is to touch the buoy first before your opponent does. The 2nd way is to touch your opponent's back. The time limit is 10minute, it it comes to a tie, there will be a 10 minute break and the match will be extended by 5min, beyond that it will be sudden death.

    You will start on the first buoy. Then fly towards the 2nd buoy to the 3rd buoy to the 4th buoy and it repeats. You are not allowed to touch the 3rd buoy if the 2nd buoy isn't touched yet by you or the opponent. You are allowed to shortcut to the 2nd line if your opponent touched the 2nd buoy first. If your opponent touched the 2nd buoy first, you are not allowed to touch the 3rd buoy until you touch your opponent.

    Simple right?

    aokana best route

    Masaya is a second year in Kunahama High. He quited Flying Circus because something happened to him in the past. Masaya have a helpful and kind personality. He teaches Asuka how to fly even though he wants to avoid anything related to flying. He is also good at reacting to jokes. He has huge knowledge pool regarding to Flying Circus but have a weak mental strength and is a bit dense.

    Masaya is a pretty decent MC because he isn't dense af.Forgot your password? By Sonicboom2. Just posted this to see if anyone is working on a guide and how close it is to being done. Been wanting to play this VN for years lol. Okay HUGE update. I found the guide so I'll leave it here for someone to format it. The first 9 choices are the same for all routes, Hoping that that isn't the actual case since that would be kind of boring According to this walkthroughthose 9 choices don't matter.

    They're there just for flavor, giving slightly different dialogues. The only choice that matters is the final one, when you choose the route. It's not that bad from other point of view, since you don't need to replay common route, but can just save at route branching point, and start all routes from there.

    aokana best route

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    News about VN adaptions is allowed. Discussion only News and Releases only Images only. I could probably end the review with that, and everyone who has played it would understand. But I will do this properly. Links to purchase:. The art is solid all-around, albeit a bit basic. The animations in particular are lacking. Characters and facial expressions are expressive enough, but overall the art doesn't have much of a 'wow' factor to it. I think by far the most impressive part of the art are the FC matches.

    They wiz around with nice sound and color effects.

    I flew once and it was awful – Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Review

    The art portrayed in these matches makes it easy to follow along and is very attractive to the eyes. It's great. As a small note, the OP is slick and well done.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

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    masaya hinata comeback

    A quick, simple guide to getting your desired route in Aokana. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by.

    Guide Index. Mashiro Arisaka.

    Vocal run samples

    Rika Ichinose. Misaki Tobisawa. Asuka Kurashina. Bad End. General information before getting into the choices There are four routes in Aokana. All routes are available to be played at the beginning, however, it is recommended that Rika and Mashiro's routes be played before Asuka and Misaki's.

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    Call out to her 2. Because I want you to know how to fly 3. Ask her about Misaki's lack of motivation 4.

    Sure, why not. I'll tag along 5. Tell her to try harder 6. Continue our practice 7. Come up with a special move 8. Tell her 9. Go and talk to her No, I can't do that I want you to -Mashiro End.


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